Product Description

iDock is a very quick and simple dock changer that makes working on a Mac even easier. With seamless Spaces support, you can set unique wallpapers, docks and files for each space. When these options are enabled, each space becomes its own desktop.

Easily accessed, the iDock menu bar makes changing docks a breeze! You can even switch docks without leaving the application you are currently working in. At the click of a button, you can set up iDock to automatically change docks depending on your space.

As the saying goes, a picture says a thousand words. Instead of naming your docks with iDock, a picture is assigned automatically reflecting the first app in the dock. This enables you to quickly and easily select the correct dock without reading long names.

New spaces integration features in iDock allows you to further personalize each space. The three options below explain this in further detail:

1. Dock integration enables each space to have a unique dock. Changes made to the dock are saved according to each space. No save button required, everything is done automatically.

2. Wallpaper integration enables each space to have a unique desktop wallpaper. To change the wallpaper for a particular space, simply open System Preferences in the space and change the wallpaper. iDock manages everything else - hassle free. You don't need to change anything in iDock preferences, as it works directly with System Preferences and the Finder.

3. Desktop integration incorporates completely unique desktops for each space. This means they have unique files, and a unique wallpaper.

The original iDock was first developed over 5 years ago. The current version has been completely written for native support of Snow Leopard. We have incorporated spaces technology into iDock so that you don't need to learn anything new. It just works.

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