MouseWizard 6.0.3 *Updated for Mavericks*


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Product Description

Do you want more from your Magic Mouse? MouseWizard is a simple utility to enhance the use of your Magic Mouse. You can easily customize your Magic Mouse to increase your productivity.

By using MouseWizard, you can give your Magic Mouse six extra buttons, 'pinch', 'bloat' and 'tap to click' trackpad gestures, and special features such as 'coverup' to make your Mac go to sleep.

MagicWizard is the ultimate companion for the Magic Mouse.

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What do people say about MouseWizard?

"Tap-to-click is great! A real finger and wrist saver, and more intuitive given the existing stroke-to-scroll."
"Worth the $5.00."
"Best $5.00 I've ever spent! Thanks for v 4 improvements"
"Hey guys really love the software"
"I love mouse wizard"
"the price is more than reasonable."
"YES, this works perfectly!!"
"pretty slick utility"
"WOW! Your app is working for my mb pro touch pad as well, now can i get mmb on the touchpad, this is freaking awesome."
"Works really good with my 3D apps!"
"I love your software!"
"I bought the Magic Mouse because it looked cool and quickly found out it wasn't very magic at all. Slow tracking and you can't program the mouse to much more than a two button mouse and NO EXPOSE. A mouse coming from Apple with no Expose. I tried some other, free, software to enhance the mouse. The free software was glitchy and I was thinking the 75 bucks I paid for my Magic Mouse was wasted since I was ready to throw it out. Your software works perfectly. The tracking is fast now and the enhanced clicks you've thrown in actually work. It's well worth the 5 bucks." (Scott Boardwine)
"I downloaded the trial version and liked it so much that I purchased a copy hours after my initial installation. MouseWizard and my magicMouse are great together. In fact, MouseWizard made my magicMouse a must-have item. Thanks!"

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