Colored Folder Creator Support

Welcome to the Colored Folder Creator support page. Please read the tutorials below or send a support request.

Creating Folders

Creating folders with Colored Folder Creator is easy. Simply click on the desired folder and it will be created in the specified directory. Below is a short demonstration:
Step 1) Click on the folder

Step 2) Click "Create on Desktop"

A new folder will be created on your desktop.

Drawing a gradient folder

The tutorial below will teach you how to use "The Creator" to make a simple gradient folder
Step 1) Click on the box tool in the main toolbar

Step 2) Draw a box which covers the entire drawing space

Step 3) Change the fill type of the box to a gradient and choose the two colours you want

Step 4) We want to turn this drawing into a glossy folder. Click on the mask option in the toolbar

Step 5) Pick the folder mask and click "Choose Mask"

Step 6) Click on the "Yes" button to add gloss

Step 7) Click on the save toolbar button and you will be taken to the creations tab

Step 8) Click once on your newly created folder and choose "Create on Desktop"

Editing an existing folder

The tutorial below will teach you how to open existing folders in "The Creator"
Step 1) Click on the folder you wish to use as a template

Step 2) In the window that appears, choose "Edit"

Step 3) You can now draw on the template folder in "The Creator"

Adding images to "The Creator"

The tutorial below will teach you how to add images into "The Creator"
Step 1) Select the images you want to add in the Finder

Step 2) Drag and drop the selected images onto the canvas

Step 3) Switch to the selection tool and click on the image. You can move the image by dragging it. You can resize the image by dragging the handles at each corner.